Day: February 20, 2020

Bay Area Research Logistics: Optimizing Your Clinical Supply Chain at GCSG 2024

Join Bay Area Research Logistics (BARL) at the Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG) US Conference in Naples, Florida, from April 21st to 24th, 2024! We’re excited to connect with fellow clinical trial professionals and showcase our expertise in streamlining your clinical supply chain. Visit our booth to discuss how BARL’s comprehensive logistics solutions can ensure

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Planning for Success: A Guide To Clinical Trial Development and Design

Clinical trials are the cornerstone of medical advancement, rigorously testing new treatments and therapies. But meticulous planning is paramount before the first participant is enrolled. During the crucial pre-trial phase, here is what we at BARL believe you should be considering: Putting Together Your Roadmap Clinical trial management encompasses the entire lifecycle of a trial,

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Innovation at Work for a Better Tomorrow

Bay Area Health Trust (BAHT) is a Hamilton, Ontario based company that operates life sciences businesses and invests in growth-oriented opportunities with the goal of returning value to its beneficiaries. Read More

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COVID-19 Has Changed Clinical Trials (and Trial Logistics) Forever

The world will never be completely the same again after the COVID-19 pandemic. The world of clinical trials won’t be the same either. Researchers have had to learn a new normal for advancing science in the middle of a pandemic. Social distancing, travel restrictions, economic constraints and the urgent need for vaccines and treatments have

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Canadian Vaccine Developers IMV Jumping Into COVID-19 Fight

With many vaccines reaching human clinical trials, there is increased optimism regarding the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a general consensus among experts that it will take several different vaccines to immunize the world’s population. This is why it’s encouraging to see many vaccine candidates from diverse countries in the world –

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