The Effects of Canada’s Legalization of Cannabis in Clinical Trials

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With Canada’s legalization of cannabis now here, it’s important for the clinical research community to stay informed on what legalization will mean for cannabis regulations in clinical drug trials. With terms like decriminalization and phytocannabinoids coming up in everyday conversation, it may appear that legalization will further complicate the pre-existing clinical trial regulations but – spoiler alert: developing treatments that…

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Patient Enrolment Retention in Clinical Trials

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In order to successfully run clinical trials, you will need to be able to successfully recruit subjects. It is critical to the success of your trial to implement strategies for subject recruitment and retention.  At the subject level, participation is voluntary based on informed consent. An essential element of the informed consent process is ensuring that subjects are provided with comprehensive…

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5 Risks Most Clinical Supply Professionals Overlook

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Risk-awareness is a critical component of successful clinical supply management; you cannot fix the problems you don’t know about. We see clinical supply professionals overlooking the same key risks time and again. Let’s address them now. Expiry dating One of the biggest impacts to the success of clinical supply management is expiry dating, particularly of the product itself. As formulation…

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