Clinical Trial Packaging

Meet Deadlines With Secure and Efficient Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling by BARL

Meet Deadlines With Secure and Efficient Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling by BARL

Ensuring patient safety and trial success is paramount. At BARL, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your diverse clinical trial packaging needs, while exceeding compliance regulations and mitigating supply chain risks:

● Ensuring Patient Safety and Trial Success: BARL offers Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-compliant primary and secondary clinical trial packaging and labeling. We handle large and small runs efficiently, meeting tight deadlines with precision and accuracy.
● Flexible Solutions for Diverse Needs: From bottles and blister cards to vials and kitting, BARL caters to various packaging requirements. We adapt to individual study protocols while exceeding compliance regulations.
● Temperature-Controlled Packaging: Manage complex temperature needs with our specialized environments, including cold-chain and frozen secondary packaging for vaccines and biologicals.
● Mitigating Supply Chain Risks: We develop solutions to minimize temperature excursions and other risks throughout the supply chain, ensuring product integrity.
● Unwavering Flexibility: Overcome unforeseen challenges with our flexible approach, without compromising on timely delivery.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with reliable packaging that ensures your clinical trial supplies arrive on-time and safely.

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