Clinical Trial Planning


Each clinical trial is assigned a Trial Coordinator with experience in clinical research. The Trial Coordinator gains a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and requirements, whether it be for a domestic feasibility trial or a large, Phase IV international trial. This person assumes responsibility for all of the technical and administrative aspects of the study.

  • Assist with the process of completing Clinical Trial Applications (CTAs) or Investigational New Drug (IND) applications
  • Develop plans to manage regulatory requirements and regulations for importing and distribution
  • Develop investigational product designs or formulations best suited tailored to the needs of clinical trials, as well as ensuring subject compliance
  • Ensure the funding applications of trials are appropriately costed
  • Source and procure commercial IMP, comparator products or other clinical trial materials
  • Develop clinical trial documents or pharmacy manuals to ensure GCP compliance
  • Develop GCP compliant laboratory manuals for central safety laboratory testing
  • Source laboratory testing materials- vacutainers, cryovials etc and label appropriately
  • Offer in house safety laboratory testing
  • Develop or source out companion diagnostic testing

Our facilities are located across the road from Hamilton General Hospital at:

293 Wellington Street North, Unit 128
Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8L 8E7

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