BARL provides primary and secondary packaging and labeling in a fully cGMP compliant facility. We are able to execute both large and small packaging runs quickly and accurately, within tight deadlines. Our clients are provided with responsive and flexible packaging schedules, and on-time delivery with precision and accuracy.

  • From bottles, to blister cards, to patches, to vials, to kitting, BARL is able to execute clinical trial packaging procedures to meet individual study requirements that meet and exceed compliance regulations and provide the best possible clinical trial management for the investigator/trial team – ensuring patient safety and the best possible trial success.
  • Provide specialized environments to accommodate complex temperature requirements and controlled levels of contamination for packaging and labeling, including cold-chain and frozen secondary packaging (e.g. vaccines and biologicals)
  • Develop solutions to reduce temperature excursions and other risks throughout the supply chain for cold-chain secondary packaging
  • Deliver the flexibility needed to overcome obstacles without compromising timelines
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